The Orchid group includes several hundred different genera and thousands of species, but most people are introduced to orchids through the Phalaenopsis genus, which are particularly suitable for beginners, due to its ease of care and availability of blooms* all year round. Also commonly known as Moth Orchids, they stay in bloom for a very long time, and will do well in a moderately bright windowsill.

Do note that as most Orchids are epiphytes, they are potted in husk chips and charcoal mix instead of the usual potting mix.

* Colour of blooms are given at random

Dimensions:  Dimensions | Nursery pot diameter is 14cm and approximately 50-70cm high (including plant’s height)

Sunlight:  Light | Bright shade to bright, indirect light

Sunlight:  Water | Water deeply and thoroughly (till water seeps out of drainage hole) when the top few inches of the potting mix is dry

Sunlight:  Care Level | May require some homework

Sunlight:  Pet Friendly | Yes

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Phalaenopsis Orchid


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