Planter styled with:
Peperomia Polybotrya (Raindrop)
The Peperomia Raindrop is an easy-to-care for, compact indoor plant. With great resemblance to the Pilea Peperomiode, the Peperomia Raindrop has leaves shaped like raindrops with a distinct point at the tip, whereas the Pilea Peperomiode has round leaves looking like large coins. Also known as Coin-Leaf Peperomia, they grow well with bright, indirect light, and infrequent watering, akin to succulents.

Peperomia Raindrop is styled in Aviana, handmade pieces where each and every piece is uniquely different.

Dimensions:  Dimensions | Aviana is 11cm wide (top diameter) and 8.5cm high (excluding plant’s height), with drainage hole

Sunlight:  Light | Bright, indirect light

Sunlight:  Water | Always let potting mix dry out before next watering – during each watering, water deeply, till water seeps out of drainage hole

Sunlight:  Care Level | May require some homework

Sunlight:  Pet Friendly | Yes

Sunlight:  Air Purifying | Yes

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No Plant, Peperomia Polybotrya Raindrop


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