Planter styled with:
Dracaena (previously known as Sansevierias) (Sansevieria type would depend on stock availability at point of purchase)
Commonly referred to as the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, Sansevierias grow in a wide range of lighting conditions from low indirect light, to direct sunlit spaces. They thrive on neglect, making it easy for anyone to care for. Even helping to purify the air, this is definitely a great indoor plant to have.


Dimensions:  Dimensions | Cartesian is 8cm wide (top diameter) and 8cm high (excluding plant’s height), with drainage hole

Our exclusive 3D printed planters are specially curated/ designed and printed using biodegradable thermoplastic, making them presentable, light and environmentally friendly at the same time. You can find more styles under our Dimensions collection.

Sunlight:  Light | Moderate to low light

Sunlight:  Water | Water deeply and thoroughly (till water seeps out of drainage hole) when the potting mix is almost completely dry

Sunlight:  Care Level | Practically unkillable

Sunlight:  Pet Friendly | No

Sunlight:  Air Purifying | Yes

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No Plant, Sansevieria




Biodegradable Thermoplastic


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