Planter styled with:
Air Plants (Tillandsias)
Air plants are epiphytes, meaning that in nature they grow on other plants, usually on tree branches. There are hundreds of species and varieties of air plants, and all of them can grow with just air, water, and light. There is no need to plant them in soil/ potting mix, giving growers the flexibility to display them in just about any way imaginable.


Dimensions:  Dimensions | Jaan is approx. 10cm wide (in width of widest part) and 19cm high
*Jaan is handmade – do expect slight variations in measurements

Sunlight:  Light | Bright, indirect sunlight or fluorescent home/ office lighting

Sunlight:  Water | Take the air plants out of the planter and soak them in water for an hour, about once every 1 to 2 weeks; gently shake off excess water after soaking and turn them upside down to let them dry fully (once fully dry, they can be placed back in their planter). They can be and would appreciate being misted daily (optional).

Sunlight:  Care Level | May require some homework

Sunlight:  Pet Friendly | Yes

Sunlight:  Air Purifying | Yes

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Air Plant




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