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Air Plants (Tillandsias)
// Keep them under bright, indirect sunlight or fluorescent home/ office lighting
// Take the air plants out of the planter and soak them in water for an hour, about once every 1 to 2 weeks; gently shake off excess water after soaking and turn them upside down to let them dry fully (once fully dry, they can be placed back in their planter)
// Mist them daily (optional)

Plant care tip: Watering interval is highly dependent on the amount of light the plants receive and the humidity of the environment. In general, air plants that receive brighter light or are in a dryer environment will need to be watered more often than air plants that receive less light or if they are in a more humid environment. Once over-watered or allowed to sit in excess water for too long, air plants will rot.

Planter measurements
// Length (of the widest part): 34cm
// Height: 17cm

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As the name of the collection implies, Bark brings you unique planters inspired by the texture of tree bark, and also planters that are made from real wood.


Air Plant






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