Handmade concrete planter styled with:
Bird’s Nest Fern (Asplenium)
// Requires high humidity
// Medium light levels are preferred
// Keep potting mix moist, not wet; do not allow the mix to dry out


Succulents (succulent type would depend on stock availability at point of purchase)
// Easy to grow and handle
// Low maintenance succulents which can survive well with minimal watering and moderate to full sunlight
// During each watering, water deeply, till water seeps out of drainage hole
// Always let potting mix dry out before next watering

Planter measurements
// Length (top): 16cm
// Width (top): 16cm
// Height: ~8cm
// Drainage hole: Yes

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Using pink as the main lead, we have paired this color of universal love of oneself and of others with different textures, patterns and colours in this collection.

Love features a square-shaped concrete pot in pink and marbled grey.


Asplenium, No Plant, Succulent






Marble Grey, Pink

1 review for Love

  1. Junhao

    Final product looks just as good as the picture itself, if not better. Winnie was very accomodating with request to expedite the collection to a week earlier. Also, collection from her was very flexible and will go all out to fit into the customer’s schedule. She even made good recommendations on what kind of plants suits my occasion and passed on several tips to a first-time owner (myself). We are very happy with Pine from the service they provided from the point of order till the the point of collection and the after-service they provide with regards to maintenance. Thumbs up!

    • PINE SG

      Thank you for supporting us! Have fun gardening! 🙂

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