Big Mieko


Planter styled with:
Epipremnum Pinnatum
Found naturally in dense rainforests and also known as Dragon Tail, Epipremnum Pinnatum is a stout, vine-climber, with leaves oblong-ovate in shape. When the plant is allowed to climb up a support, the Epipremnum Pinnatum will produce mature leaves, which usually contain pin-holes along the mid-rib. Juvenile leaves are rounded to slightly cordate (heart-shaped), and mature leaves are palm-shaped. Fenestrations often appear making this plant easily confused with the genus Monstera.

Styled in Big Mieko, a unique, painted terracotta planter.


Dimensions:  Dimensions | Big Mieko is 18cm wide (top diameter) and 17cm high (excluding plant’s height), with drainage hole

Sunlight:  Light | Bright, indirect light

Sunlight:  Water | Water deeply and thoroughly (till water seeps out of drainage hole) when the top inch of the potting mix is dry

Sunlight:  Care Level | Practically unkillable

Sunlight:  Pet Friendly | No

Sunlight:  Air Purifying | Yes

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Epipremnum Pinnatum, No Plant




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