Pilea Mollis (Moon Valley)


Most Pilea species like bright, indirect light; exposing them to direct sun may burn the leaves. Pilea Mollis, also commonly known as Pilea Moon Valley, has unique, saw-toothed edges, with puckered foliage that resembles the valleys on the moon’s textured surface, hence its common name.

Bushy in nature, the bright, yellowish-green leaves of this relatively compact plant (hardly will reach more than 12 inches in height) will brighten up windowsills and tabletops.


Dimensions:  Dimensions | Nursery pot diameter is 14cm

Sunlight:  Light | Bright, indirect light

Sunlight:  Water | Prefers high humidity; water when top inch of potting mix is dry

Sunlight:  Care Level | May require some homework

Sunlight:  Pet Friendly | Yes

Sunlight:  Air Purifying | Yes

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